Stop The Ride. I Want To Get Off.

"When someone gets on the roller coaster to big emotions, you can choose to stay on the platform and wait for them to get back." "Just because you have a clown in your life doesn't mean you have to buy a ticket to the circus." I heard both of these ideas in different places, but [...]


2018 has been chock full of all sorts of changes. Many of these have been lifestyle changes. With my doctors' blessing, I started to drive a little again. I gave up caffeine and alcohol. I started to eat better, both in content and portion size. I became a regular gym-goer, and I did a little [...]

Volunteering At The Hospital

When I was in high school, I signed up to volunteer at a local hospital during the summer. My parents hoped it would bulk up my college applications in the hopes of helping myself. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but either way I started getting dropped off in front of the hospital [...]

Natalie & My Twelfth Birthday

For my 12th birthday, my mother threw a big party for me. We chose a 1950s sock hop theme, and she invited homeschooled girls we knew as well as a few girls from the Sunday School I was going to at the time. The home video my father filmed at the party is probably the [...]