What I Loved In January

I loved writing about my 2018 favorites at the end of the year, and I realized today that there's no reason the fun should end there. Here lies my first monthly favorites list. I'm not saying I'm a beauty guru, but I'm definitely saying that I'm beauty guru adjacent. To the list, Robin! Beauty & Self-Care [...]

2018 Favorites – Personal Goals

Here we are on the last day of the year! I want to close out the 2018 favorites series by talking through some of the personal goals I worked on this year. This one is more for me than for you, because I don't usually take time to stop and celebrate progress I've made. May [...]

2018 Unfavorites – These Are All Terrible

Unfavorites are something I've seen before, especially on Youtube, and I couldn't resist. I have unfavorites for each favorites category except for TV and Home. Brace yourself, because 2018 hath wrought each of the following things. Music Havana, Camila Cabello: If you say you've never heard this song, I know you're lying. The only way [...]

2018 Favorites – W’s Favorites

I asked W if he had personal favorites he'd like to share, and he does! Here they are, along with his exact descriptions. He makes me laugh. Enjoy! Cremo Cooling Shave Cream - "It's refreshing and makes for a nicer shave." Pacific Shaving Co. Caffeinated Aftershave - "...It's refreshing and makes for a nicer after shave." MAGIPEA [...]

2018 Favorites – Home

W and I are both homebodies. He's worked from home for two years, and we enjoy spending most of our time here. We also love to wander around home decor areas of stores, even if we aren't buying anything. When I was brainstorming and reflecting on the year for this favorites series, I thought it [...]

2018 Favorites – Beauty & Self-Care

Beauty and self-care are both relatively new areas of my life, and I'm thoroughly enjoying all of it. I've written about makeup, skincare, and self-care a bit before, but today I'm zeroing in on several game-changers for me from just this year. Lip Products Lip products are something I've stayed away from until this summer. I thought I wouldn't [...]

2018 Favorites – Food

Arguably the very best category! Korean Food Okay, so why didn't any of you tell me that Korean food is the best? We had kimchi for the first time, and it's awesome. W learned how to make bulgogi and bibimbap, and I made dak-bokkeumtang last week! The internet has a ton of fun ways to [...]

2018 Favorites – Video Games

If you know me, you know it's no secret that I love video games. Design and video games were a huge part of my undergraduate education, and I went on to work in design, writing, and coding. I used to compete in rapid prototyping competitions both in college and beyond graduation. I was also lucky [...]

2018 Favorites – Movies

One of our very favorite things is do is watch movies, at the theater or at home. We'll try pretty much anything but horror, which neither one of us enjoys. I made a list, and while there were about 50 other movies we watched this year, I'm only sharing our favorites! New Movies We saw [...]

2018 Favorites – TV

While we don't have cable, we do have Netflix, Hulu+, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime. We watch different things on each, and they're all worth the subscription prices. At least to us! We recently upgraded Hulu+ to Hulu+ With Live TV, which has been a fun change. One thing we didn't miss is the constant onslaught [...]