Not too long ago, a male friend and I reminisced about our days in the Christian fellowship we were both a part of in college. We laughed about funny memories, expressed frustration with certain things, and overall just had a great time walking down memory lane. One of the things that came up were the [...]

2018 Favorites – Music

This year I was hospitalized three times (including once while W was on a business trip across the country) and began to experience terrifying panic attacks. I'm incredibly grateful for the friends who came through, the doctors who listened, my therapist for teaching me how to cope and move forward, and W for supporting me [...]


2018 has been chock full of all sorts of changes. Many of these have been lifestyle changes. With my doctors' blessing, I started to drive a little again. I gave up caffeine and alcohol. I started to eat better, both in content and portion size. I became a regular gym-goer, and I did a little [...]

What To Do With Crisis Mode

My automatic response in a crisis is calm. It's hard to believe when you know how NOT calm I can be on a daily basis, but as soon as there's a fire, a death, an emergency of some sort, my coping mechanism is to be your Get Shit Done person. Last year while we had [...]

Fifth Grade (Give Me Back My Book)

After the disaster that was 4th grade public school, my parents thought "Hey! Let's roll the dice on Christian school next year." Or at least it must have been something along those lines, because there I was on the first day of fifth grade in Miss Taylor's class, wearing a long, itchy dress and socks [...]

My First Boyfriend

In the fall semester of my sophomore year, I took an astronomy class. At the end of the first session, two cute upperclassmen guys approached me as we all gathered our things to leave. They asked what my name was and told me that they had noticed me before at the Christian campus fellowship they [...]