Meet My Cats

We are the people who thought it was weird to refer to your pets as your kids and to yourselves as parents, until we had cats of our own and it was instantly not weird anymore. Overnight we became Mom and Dad and began using voices to imagine what our cat children are thinking and […]

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Pigs Is Pigs

“Pigs Is Pigs” is a Disney cartoon from 1954, based on a short story from 1905. I remember loving the Irish jig and how cute the guinea pigs were when I watched it as a little girl. It’s a special one. Enjoy!

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Music On My Mind #2

I love music. I’ve got headphones on a lot of the time, whether I’m writing, exercising, cleaning, traveling, or doing pretty much anything solo. It makes me happy and helps me focus. Here are some tunes I’ve been listening to lately. Check them out, and share a song you heard recently in the comments or […]

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Not too long ago, a male friend and I reminisced about our days in the Christian fellowship we were both a part of in college. We laughed about funny memories, expressed frustration with certain things, and overall just had a great time walking down memory lane. One of the things that came up were the […]

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Fantasy Self

I’ve read about the concept of “fantasy self” several times over the years that I’ve been interested in the psychology of stuff. Your fantasy self is the version of you in your mind who lives by would, could, and should. She is everything you would do, could say, and should be in the Land of […]

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Looking Ahead at 2019

In the 48 hours since 2019 began, I keep coming across people on the internet saying things like “Don’t say you’re reinventing yourself every year! New Year’s resolutions are just another way to feel bad about yourself!” These aren’t new ideas, but I’m seeing them expressed in ways I haven’t before. For example, one man […]

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