I Got My Millennial Membership Card

Walter and I tried avocado toast last month, and there was no turning back. Basic, cliche, predictable...call us whatever you like. A little olive oil, red pepper flakes, chunky sea salt, pepper, and lemon, and I call it delicious. It's been our breakfast every day, or at least as often as we can find good [...]

Meet My Cats

We are the people who thought it was weird to refer to your pets as your kids and to yourselves as parents, until we had cats of our own and it was instantly not weird anymore. Overnight we became Mom and Dad and began using voices to imagine what our cat children are thinking and [...]

Fantasy Self

I've read about the concept of "fantasy self" several times over the years that I've been interested in the psychology of stuff. Your fantasy self is the version of you in your mind who lives by would, could, and should. She is everything you would do, could say, and should be in the Land of [...]

2018 Favorites – Home

W and I are both homebodies. He's worked from home for two years, and we enjoy spending most of our time here. We also love to wander around home decor areas of stores, even if we aren't buying anything. When I was brainstorming and reflecting on the year for this favorites series, I thought it [...]


Every year when we decorate the Christmas tree, I miss our first cat, Oliver. According to W, Oliver's full name was Ollivander Cornelius, but we called him Oliver. Oliver's favorite thing in the world was sleeping underneath the Christmas tree. He loved string lights and would sit by them for hours. When we'd spread the [...]

Let’s Talk About OCD

Trigger warning for anyone who is steering clear of descriptions of symptoms of mental illness. When people think about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, they often picture washing hands too often or keeping everything perfect or symmetrical. These can be examples of OCD, but OCD can be many things. I never considered that it could be part [...]


This is where I used to run every day last year near our second home in New Jersey. As much as I love our new place in Pennsylvania, this is one of the places I miss.

Thoughts On Minimalism

Five years ago, W and I were getting ready to move into a studio apartment down the street from his new job. It felt daunting to downsize our whole life to fit one room, but I took it as a personal challenge. I read and listened to everything I could find about "living simply" or [...]