Not too long ago, a male friend and I reminisced about our days in the Christian fellowship we were both a part of in college. We laughed about funny memories, expressed frustration with certain things, and overall just had a great time walking down memory lane. One of the things that came up were the [...]

Things I Can’t Stand

These five things drive me absolutely bananas. Do they drive you bananas? Do I drive you bananas? Only one way to find on! 1. Earlier this year, I read that all the plastic toothbrushes ever used in the history of mankind are still intact somewhere on the planet. ALL THE USED TOOTHBRUSHES. I cannot [...]

What To Do With Crisis Mode

My automatic response in a crisis is calm. It's hard to believe when you know how NOT calm I can be on a daily basis, but as soon as there's a fire, a death, an emergency of some sort, my coping mechanism is to be your Get Shit Done person. Last year while we had [...]

Herbert the Snail

Do you ever find yourself humming a tune or singing a few words to a song and you aren't sure where you remember them from? For years, these lyrics have been coming to my mind at random times. "Have patience, have patience Don't be in such a hurry When you get impatient, you only start to [...]

My First Boyfriend

In the fall semester of my sophomore year, I took an astronomy class. At the end of the first session, two cute upperclassmen guys approached me as we all gathered our things to leave. They asked what my name was and told me that they had noticed me before at the Christian campus fellowship they [...]