Fantasy Self

I’ve read about the concept of “fantasy self” several times over the years that I’ve been interested in the psychology of stuff. Your fantasy self is the version of you in your mind who lives by would, could, and should. She is everything you would do, could say, and should be in the Land of […]

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Looking Ahead at 2019

In the 48 hours since 2019 began, I keep coming across people on the internet saying things like “Don’t say you’re reinventing yourself every year! New Year’s resolutions are just another way to feel bad about yourself!” These aren’t new ideas, but I’m seeing them expressed in ways I haven’t before. For example, one man […]

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2018 Favorites – Music

This year I was hospitalized three times (including once while W was on a business trip across the country) and began to experience terrifying panic attacks. I’m incredibly grateful for the friends who came through, the doctors who listened, my therapist for teaching me how to cope and move forward, and W for supporting me […]

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Let’s Talk About OCD

Trigger warning for anyone who is steering clear of descriptions of symptoms of mental illness. When people think about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, they often picture washing hands too often or keeping everything perfect or symmetrical. These can be examples of OCD, but OCD can be many things. I never considered that it could be part […]

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What I Did On Summer Vacation

Or at least it felt like summer, with 90 degree temperatures the first few days. After that, it was a glorious 60 to 70 degrees! Florida in November is a disorienting place when it’s snowing back home in Pennsylvania. Our trip to Disney World was wonderful, and so many things went smoothly, which is an […]

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Why I Write

My therapist tells me all the time that my mind is so full of stories and thoughts that it can be overwhelming for those around me. If you know me in real life, you know I can talk. The inside of my crowded brain can look a lot like Shea Stadium when the Beatles played. […]

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