I'm lying flat on my back on the living room floor. My arms out to the sides, I can feel the scratchy texture of the carpet. Adriene from the "Yoga With Adriene" videos I follow on YouTube is speaking to me from the TV, telling me to hug my shoulder blades together underneath me. Most [...]

Favorite Recipes: Nightmare Chili

I've never been very comfortable in the kitchen, and this year I want to get comfortable. A common meal for me when I was single was a few bites of shredded cheese straight out of the bag with a fork in between running to things. Because W enjoys cooking more than me, it's always been [...]

Music On My Mind #2

I love music. I’ve got headphones on a lot of the time, whether I’m writing, exercising, cleaning, traveling, or doing pretty much anything solo. It makes me happy and helps me focus. Here are some tunes I’ve been listening to lately. Check them out, and share a song you heard recently in the comments or [...]

Looking Ahead at 2019

In the 48 hours since 2019 began, I keep coming across people on the internet saying things like "Don't say you're reinventing yourself every year! New Year's resolutions are just another way to feel bad about yourself!" These aren't new ideas, but I'm seeing them expressed in ways I haven't before. For example, one man [...]

2018 Favorites – Introduction

Today is my 100th post since I began Storytime With Anna in August. I can't wait for the next 100. 2019 is fast approaching! Before we kick off the new year, let's take a look at the last twelve months. Every day leading up to New Year's Eve, I'll be sharing my favorite things from 2018. [...]


Two things on the docket to share with you today! First, I'll be AFK this coming week for our first vacation by ourselves in almost seven years! I plan to eat seven years worth of gluten free Mickey waffles. I'll be back on the 19th with pictures and stories from the trip! Second, I realized [...]

Cough Cough Cough

This space will be quiet for the next few days while I'm under the weather, but never fear! I'll be back soon. Until then, W says to read one of his favorite stories if you haven't already: Don't Toilet Train Your Cats - A Cautionary Tale.