Kitchen Experiments (Bury Me in Ricotta Cheese)

You like to eat, I like to eat, and we’re all in this life together. These are kitchen adventures I’ve been having.

We had leftover ricotta cheese after a pasta recipe, and I googled ways to use it up. Here’s the solution we went with: toast with ricotta cheese and pear slices and honey on top. It also might be the solution to all of the world’s problems. It’s good without the honey too, and we highly recommend it. We ate this several times. I would eat it right now if I had more.

I love party food like dips and chips, but my favorites are always the ones that are the worst for you. Like a chili cream cheese dip or onion dip. As much as I love eating them, I don’t feel very well when I do. I’m on a quest to discover new, healthier favorites that are vegetable based and don’t always tear up my insides. I only like to tear up my insides some of the time. Our first dip experiment was a jerk-spiced carrot dip from the Food Network (link here). It was surprisingly…edible! The texture is like guacamole. It tasted alright with both celery sticks and tortilla chips. Tortilla chips aren’t a vegetable, but small steps, people. I’d say I would add more jerk seasoning or extra crushed red pepper next time, because it was sort of mild to the point of almost bland.

Like an orange guacamole, kind of

One recipe that we’ve been enjoying so much that we’re keeping ingredients on hand at all times is dakbokkeumtang, or Korean spicy braised chicken. I found this recipe a couple months ago while watching YouTube vlogs from Jenn Im (link here). This chicken is delicious, and I love it. I add a little more of the spicy gochujang sauce than she does in the video, but it’s good the recipe way too!

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