Music On My Mind #2

I love music. I’ve got headphones on a lot of the time, whether I’m writing, exercising, cleaning, traveling, or doing pretty much anything solo. It makes me happy and helps me focus. Here are some tunes I’ve been listening to lately. Check them out, and share a song you heard recently in the comments or in a private message to me!

Lost Without You  – Freya

This is the prettiest song, and I recently added it to my ongoing list of To Learn On Piano.

I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire – The Ink Spots

Another favorite, both because of its existence on a Fallout Soundtrack and because I was supposed to be born in the 1940s.

The 59th Street Bridge Song – Simon & Garfunkel

My dad chose this song for a photo slide show he made of my childhood pictures years ago, and I play it often because it makes me happy.

Hayloft – Nickel Creek

I loved Nickel Creek back in the day, and until recently I had no idea they had reunited for another album in 2014. The whole album is spectacular, but their cover of Mother Mother’s Hay Loft is my favorite track. They kill it, and I’m so glad they’re back.

Follow The Sun – Xavier Rudd

This is one of those songs that seems like it could be played over the opening titles of any indie movie ever. In the best way! It just feels good.

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