My Date (Not Technically, But Let Me Live) With A Surfer

When I was a teenager, I loved a Christian teen book series about a character named Christy Miller. Christy moves to Southern California when she’s 14 and meets a handsome, blue-eyed surfer boy named Todd who’s very into Jesus. I absolutely loved these books, and the author continued writing Christy books well into Christy getting married and having a baby. I’m a few books behind, but sometime I’ll catch up!

Never had one pair of pants held so much floral print

My family is originally from Southern California ourselves, and every few years we flew back to visit. We always went to see my mother’s best friend Cherie and her three sons. David is the oldest of the three and a little younger than me. Since I was little, my mother wanted us to grow up and get married. Look at how handsome David is in this latest picture, Anna! Anna, Cherie says David might go to West Point! Maybe he’ll spend holidays with us since that’s closer to us! You should start writing David letters, Anna! Let’s Photoshop your faces together to see the grand kids, Anna! The last one is a joke but you get the picture. I always thought Cherie’s boys were nice kids, but it was always a big group of us, and we were, well, kids. I usually rolled my eyes when my mother brought it up.

Look, how cute are these old pictures of you two, Anna!

For my high school graduation present, my parents sent me to visit Cherie by myself for a week. She and I had a blast going to the movies, talking about how excited for college I was, and getting my first pedicure in a nail salon. I remember the nail artist painted hibiscus flowers on my big toes and put tiny rhinestones in the middle of each one. I was amazed and felt like the coolest person in the world. All of that was wonderful, but the highlight of the trip was when David invited me to spend a day at the beach with him while he surfed. It was as if someone spiked every Christy Miller book into my face at once. I suddenly saw David in a new light. There was no going back. This was WAY better than flower nails.

Me for the rest of my trip

David drove the two of us to Del Mar where you had to cross railroad tracks and climb down somewhat of a small cliff to get down to a gorgeous little beach. Blue eyes and all, he carried his surf board and a chair for me while he helped me descend the rocks. I had no idea if David, like Todd, was very into Jesus, but I’ll tell you that I couldn’t have cared less, because I was very into David.

I reclined in my beach chair while David surfed around, and I did not read even one page of the book I’d brought with me. All I could think about was how pretty California was and how I was alone with a guy my age for the first time in my life. I knew realistically that we weren’t going to start a romance, but I was thrilled to have a day where life felt exciting and beautiful and special. I didn’t often feel like I had very much ahead of me at that age. I took my first ever selfie to try to capture my Christy & Todd day, and I still have it.

My face hurt from smiling

We ate In-N-Out Burger on the way home, and I don’t think I said much because what was there to say? There was probably an uncomfortable amount of staring and stammering. I don’t think I’ve seen David since we were 18, and I doubt he remembers our beach day. That’s okay, because I will! Even though she’s given up the dream (I married W), sometimes my mother will tell me how he is or what he’s doing or how many girls are chasing him. He’s still single as far as I know! I can’t promise he’s not a jerk now, but I can vouch for him circa 2005! Go, ladies, go!

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