2018 Favorites – W’s Favorites

I asked W if he had personal favorites he’d like to share, and he does! Here they are, along with his exact descriptions. He makes me laugh. Enjoy!

Cremo Cooling Shave Cream – “It’s refreshing and makes for a nicer shave.”

Pacific Shaving Co. Caffeinated Aftershave – “…It’s refreshing and makes for a nicer after shave.”

MAGIPEA Cell Phone Clip on Stand Holder – “It holds my phone up so I don’t have to.”

Zester – “It’s zestfully clean! [laughs] Do you remember those commercials? No? Okay..this zester is a different kind of zester and unlike other ones I’ve used before, it actually zests instead of just mushes.”

Foam Roller – “It’s amazing. I use it for loosening my muscles up in general.”

A Really Cool Knife He Made In Blacksmith Class – “I made something sharp! The workmanship is amazing. [smirks] It’s cool, I enjoyed everything about making it.”

RAVPower Wireless Portable Charger for iPhones – “It charges my phone wirelessly.”

Playing D&D With His Friends – “Being DM (Dungeon Master) is stressful but a lot of fun. We laugh a lot!”

Up next, tomorrow is Unfavorites!

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