2018 Favorites – Home

W and I are both homebodies. He’s worked from home for two years, and we enjoy spending most of our time here. We also love to wander around home decor areas of stores, even if we aren’t buying anything. When I was brainstorming and reflecting on the year for this favorites series, I thought it would be fun to share some organizational problems we solved this year as well as a few products we really liked. Not all of you might be interested in this category, but it makes me happy to improve our apartment even in small ways.


I love organization, and I used to consider myself a minimalist. I wouldn’t exactly say that anymore (although I’ve written about my thoughts on minimalism here), but I do my best to keep my home organized in a way that makes sense for us. Both of us think more clearly when things are at least somewhat put away.

Beauty drawers: I’ve wanted to have a place for everything makeup, hair, and nail polish related for a long time, and I love the way the IKEA Alex drawers look. They’re expensive, so W bought me a knockoff set of drawers for half the price as an early Christmas present a few weeks ago. I LOVE IT.

We didn’t put wheels on it, but it pretty much looks like this!

Living room shelving: We already had a smaller set of these shelves in W’s home office, but we needed something for the living room to hold shoes, books, and video game accessories. This summer, we bought more shelves, but the taller version. It looks great!

Make sure you get my good side, Mom.

S hooks: We have a mug problem, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Our cupboards don’t have enough room for it all, so I hung nails and S hooks on the ceiling of our kitchen. It’s much more convenient and enables my mug addiction to live on.

Earring holder: I used to wear a lot of jewelry, but nowadays I don’t have enough to warrant an entire jewelry box or earring tree. I wanted something to keep earrings in that would be easy and keep it all in one places. I bought this pretty little case in the China Pavilion in Epcot, and it fits all my earrings perfectly with room to spare.

So pretty!


A lot of our kitchen equipment and household consumables are things we’ve been using or repurchasing for years and years, but there are two things we use often that we discovered this year.

Pyrex bowls with lids: W absolutely loves these, and I do too. The lids are useful to have, but it’s mostly about the indestructible Pyrex. The set came with four sizes, and I think we use most if not all of them every day for various things.

Bowls bowls all types of bowls

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Products in Iowa Pine: I would love it if we could have a real Christmas tree in our home all year round, but the next best thing might be this Iowa Pine scent. I’ve only seen it online, but you can get Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day stuff in other scents at places like Target. I do like the lavender one! In Iowa Pine, we have the hand soap, the dish soap, and the multi-surface spray cleaner. I love it all, and I’m never going back to citrus.

And you get some pine, and you get some pine!

Up next, tomorrow is W’s Favorites!

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