2018 Favorites – Beauty & Self-Care

Beauty and self-care are both relatively new areas of my life, and I’m thoroughly enjoying all of it. I’ve written about makeupskincare, and self-care a bit before, but today I’m zeroing in on several game-changers for me from just this year.

Lip Products

Lip products are something I’ve stayed away from until this summer. I thought I wouldn’t ever enjoy something like a lip color without constantly worrying if it looks right or even or if it got on my teeth. It’s really just a fear of judgment, from myself or someone else. This year I got outside my comfort zone a little and found a few products I like a lot. Even if I don’t wear them often, I feel like I can when I want to!

Lip Colors To Apply & Comfortably Forget: Kokie Cosmetics Lip Poudre in any shade. These are awesome, and they don’t make my mouth feel like a desert like other liquid lipsticks do. They’ve stayed put even through eating two meals, and I brought several shades to Disney World.

Lip Colors To Apply & Be Aware & Check On Multiple Times A Day: Colourpop Lippie Stix in any shade. I’ve only tried a few of these, but I like them all so far. I do have to touch up every couple hours, but on some days, I have the time and patience for it! These do not survive meals, so be warned!

Glycolic Acid in Skincare

In the world of skincare reviews, you hear a lot of “my skin likes this” and “my skin doesn’t like that,” and I never really knew what that meant until I met glycolic acid. My skin really, really, really likes glycolic acid.

For the body: “Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion with 12% Glycolic Acid” that makes my eczema calm down about one thousand times more effectively than all other body lotions I’ve used. It stings like hell when you first put it on, especially if you just shaved your legs, but it’s worth it! I use it every other day.

For the face: “Pixi Glow Tonic” has 5% glycolic acid, and while that might be too strong for some skin types, it isn’t too strong for mine. I use this every night unless I have any pimples or scratches or bad eczema patches.

My best friend

A Drugstore Foundation Light Enough!

I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do, I want to know it’s the right shade. I’ve tried a bunch of different drugstore price point foundations, and usually the lightest shades are called “porcelain.” The problem is that brands seem to think porcelain means “adorable porcelain doll with a light tan with pink undertones and a parasol.” I want a porcelain that says “unsettling porcelain doll with a printer-paper-white face that hides in the corners of a bed & breakfast where the guests go missing sometimes.” That. That’s what I want, makeup industry! Give me that. That’s how white I am. This year I discovered The Porcelain For Me. “Flower Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation” in L1, Porcelain, is the best foundation I’ve ever used. It’s almost impossible to mess this up. I put it on with my fingers, no brush required. It looks like real skin, and it lets me live my printer paper life in peace.

You can’t even tell I’m wearing foundation in this one! It’s all in the blending.

Mindful Self-Care

Since my mind is often all over the place, it helps to push myself to zero in on small tasks that can focus my attention for a few minutes at a time, especially in the evening. I don’t get manicures or paint my nails often, and I keep my nails as short as possible…but I’ve started putting nail oil on them a few days a week. I use “Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil” that comes in a pen, and it has a delicious vanilla scent and makes me feel like I’m doing something nice for myself. I read somewhere that Japanese toothpaste has remineralizing ingredients that are great for your teeth, and I decided to splurge on it to try. I’ve been using “Apagard Premio” toothpaste for about ten months, and I swear that some rough texture and worn enamel on my front teeth is much better. I can’t vouch for the science necessarily, but I can tell you that it did something. In the fall, we bought this “NURSAL Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager” for $50 that rests on top of your shoulders and heats up while it massages your back/neck/shoulders for 15 minutes at a time. I don’t like the idea of a massage therapist touching me, but I do like this massager machine!

Neck pain, but make it fashion.

Up next, tomorrow is Home Favorites!

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