2018 Favorites – Video Games

If you know me, you know it’s no secret that I love video games. Design and video games were a huge part of my undergraduate education, and I went on to work in design, writing, and coding. I used to compete in rapid prototyping competitions both in college and beyond graduation. I was also lucky enough to work in higher education at my alma mater for a year, and I assistant-taught two game design classes on top of that. I believe games can change lives, and the psychology of play is one of my favorite subjects. I could go on and on about this, so for now I’ll just tell you that I play as much as I can, and here are my favorites from this year.

Action Role-playing Games

I played my first two Assassins Creed games this year: Origins and Odyssey. Ancient Egypt has been one of my favorite subjects since I was a little girl, and the story of Assassins Creed Origins takes place there. It was breathtaking. Origins is my favorite game I played this year and made my top 10 games of all time list (a topic for another day!). I loved every minute. The Origins DLC “Curse of the Pharaohs” is now my favorite DLC ever, with Borderlands 2’s DLC love letter to D&D a close second. Assassins Creed Odyssey, where you explore ancient Greece, has been a great experience too, though to a lesser extent. I’m not a fan of so much ocean warfare gameplay and things like sharks. Both games are amazing, and I recommend them to anyone who enjoys action games with RPG elements inside giant, beautiful game worlds.

Open World Adventure Games

Technically I started to play Breath of the Wild at Christmas in 2017, but I played the bulk of it in 2018. Much has been said positively about this game since its release, and all of it is true. I grew up playing Zelda games, and I loved how Breath of the Wild made me feel many of the same feelings I felt playing Ocarina of Time all those years ago. It deserves every bit of critical acclaim it has received. Another open world adventure type game I enjoyed this year is Yonder. Yonder is a charming farming/fishing/crafting game set on a mysterious island full of magical sprite creatures. The seasons change as you play, and I just happened to stumble upon a particular town during the in-game calendar’s Halloween. This triggered a trick or treating sequence around the town with townspeople seemingly transformed into actual whimsical monsters. There’s a lot to do in Yonder, and I sunk quite a few hours into it!

At first glance, you might think this is from Breath if the Wild! It’s not! It’s Yonder!

Up next, tomorrow is Food Favorites!

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