Clementines And The Velveteen Rabbit

Right before finals in the fall semester of my last year at college, I got very sick. I had a particularly nasty upper respiratory infection and two ear infections, and I ran extra high fevers and had trouble breathing or eating. I felt so awful that I had to go home to my parents’ house because I needed to see my regular doctor. I was a little delirious trying to pack my suitcase, and I remember W making me sit down and doing it for me. Before I left, he peeled clementines and made sure I ate every slice while I stared into space in that way you do when you’re sick. He even peeled all the white fibers and strings off, because he knows they creep me out. Judge me if you must, but I am what I am!

So good but so creepy

While I was coughing my brains out at home in bed for the next week, I was writing papers and working on projects for finals. I was managing two group projects from a distance, including one that was part of a 20 minute presentation being filmed by the National Science Foundation. Since we couldn’t be together, W and I had Skype on 24-7 in the background while we both got work done on our computers. I had no voice whatsoever, but I just waved and smiled and typed to him from my end. At one point when I was particularly overwhelmed by work and by being at my parents’ house, he surprised me and read “The Velveteen Rabbit” (my favorite Christmas book) to me over Skype. I recorded it, and I have it on my iPod to listen to whenever I want.

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