Music On My Mind

I love music. I’ve got headphones on a lot of the time, whether I’m writing, exercising, cleaning, traveling, or doing pretty much anything solo. It makes me happy and helps me focus. Here are some tunes I’ve been listening to lately. Check them out, and share a song you heard recently in the comments or in a private message to me!

Bob In The Rain And The Lizard Of Hope – Tom Rosenthal

I randomly heard this song on a YouTube video, and I’m so glad because it brought me to Tom Rosenthal. His music is beautiful.

The Last Time I Saw Richard – Joni Mitchell

I heard other Joni Mitchell songs as a kid, but this one is relatively new to me. I’m not sure why it stands out to me, but I feel invested in whatever sad thing Joni is talking about at any given time.

This Is My Song – Carbon Leaf

One of my friends introduced me to Carbon Leaf’s music years and years ago, and this is one I go back to over and over. It’s extra fun when you know the words and can sing it.

Jingle Jangle Jingle – Kay Kyser and his orchestra

I heard this in a Fallout game years ago, and I was already a sucker for old music beforehand. Naturally it means I now own more than a few Fallout-inspired compilation albums of old timey songs.

The Fox (What Does The Fox Say) – Ylvis

What does the fox say?! Who hasn’t heard this one? Fun fact: when this came out, my mother insisted the song/music video was evil and connected to the occult. Something about the masks, dance moves, levitating, the fox…I guess the whole thing then. She mentioned references to the Illuminati and drugs too. I found this take incredibly frustrating until I decided to think it was funny instead.

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