We are all watching together as polarizing events unfold in front of us every day. The systematic deconstruction of a government. People being robbed of their dignity, their way of life, and their right to vote. Bombs in the mail. Shootings in schools, clubs, places of worship, yoga studios. The parking lot of the mall ten minutes away from me was the scene of a gun fight last week (thankfully no one was killed that I know of). There was an ambush shooting in my building entryway last summer, ending with a bullet hole in my door (boyfriend of upstairs neighbor was shot three times but survived).

We all react differently to what we see. Some search for the words to say and come up empty, and others can’t get the words out fast enough. Some, like me, grip the armrests like I do on planes during takeoff.

I cannot control who is in the White House for the next two years. I cannot control what has happened to the Supreme Court. What I can control is my vote tomorrow. I can control not giving in to despair. I can control my own voice. I can control what and who I stand up for. We are all witnesses, and we are all watching.

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