Turkey Heads

Have you ever experienced something so bizarre that it seems not real? Were you alone? In my case, I wasn’t. Instead of one person feeling crazy, there were three of us.

Never a good sign

Many years ago, my mother was driving my brother and me somewhere, probably a place like the orthodontist. It was in the fall, and we liked looking at all the Halloween decorations as we passed by. One house had a wide variety of themes going on, with zombies coming out of graves, vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, and other creepy dummies propped all around the yard. This wouldn’t necessarily be that special, but what stood out to the three of us was that every single decoration had a turkey head.

Example turkey head
Example yard, but imagine turkey heads

Turkey heads on the zombies, turkey heads on the dummies, and so on. It was so strange, and we couldn’t wait to tell my father and sisters what we had seen. Only a few days later, the six of us were in the car together and made sure to drive past the turkey head house. This time, every decoration had its normal head. Zombie heads on zombies, dummy heads on dummies, and so forth. No turkey heads. I have no explanation for this creepy event, but at least there were three of us. It wasn’t just me!

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