Why I Write

My therapist tells me all the time that my mind is so full of stories and thoughts that it can be overwhelming for those around me. If you know me in real life, you know I can talk. The inside of my crowded brain can look a lot like Shea Stadium when the Beatles played. […]

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Our Smallest Shed

In September, we went to Delaware for the annual reunion of W’s best friends from high school. On the drive down, we passed two noticeable signs. The first was for a real place called “Slaughter Beach.” The second was in front of a large business that sells sheds. Their sign said, I kid you not, […]

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Meeting Characters In Florida

On our Disney World vacation a few weeks ago, we went to two different character breakfasts. They are what they sound like…you eat delicious breakfast while characters walk around and interact with each table. I went to one called Goofy’s Kitchen at Disneyland several times as a little girl. I threw up on Belle there […]

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This is where I used to run every day last year near our second home in New Jersey. As much as I love our new place in Pennsylvania, this is one of the places I miss.

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The Mouse And The Mayflower

“The Mouse And The Mayflower” is an animated Thanksgiving special that first aired on NBC in 1968. Animated by Toei Animation in Japan, it stars (you guessed it) a mouse who journeys with the Pilgrims to North America. W’s father’s side of the family can trace their genealogy all the way back to John Alden […]

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Heavenly Hash

Every Thanksgiving, my mother makes a side dish called “heavenly hash.” I googled it today to see if anyone else ate this growing up, and there does seem to be iterations of it out there. Heavenly hash is a very ambrosia-like fruit salad. All you do is combine halved grapes, chopped pineapple, sliced bananas, mini […]

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Double Date

Recently, we went on a double date with friends of ours who were in town visiting from New York City. We went to a Chinese restaurant, and I tried two things that were new to me: mapo tofu and egg drop soup. Both were delicious, but I did get double-glutened because I wasn’t as careful […]

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Two things on the docket to share with you today! First, I’ll be AFK this coming week for our first vacation by ourselves in almost seven years! I plan to eat seven years worth of gluten free Mickey waffles. I’ll be back on the 19th with pictures and stories from the trip! Second, I realized […]

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