The Scariest Game

In the 90s, my siblings and I used to gather around and watch my mother play computer games. She liked adventure games, especially scary ones like Alone in the Dark and The 7th Guest. I only remember a little bit of Alone in the Dark because I think she stopped playing or at least stopped including us on that one. I remember a LOT of The 7th Guest.

*Creepy music*

The 7th Guest is a point and click game about a sadistic toy maker and the guests who die while staying in his mansion. I believe that this was one of the very first full motion video games on CD-ROM. It was definitely my first experience with fmv games, and it left an impression. There was something extra unnerving about seeing “real” characters inside a computer generated house of horrors.

I was absolutely terrified of The 7th Guest. The music, sound effects, and voice-acting were frightening and unsettling. I remember one puzzle in particular. It was a painting of the evil toy maker, and you had to change parts of his face until it all matched up in a different way. The scary part was that as you changed it, his face started to have things like a forked tongue and yellow eyes instead of a normal face. I had nightmares with that visual for years.

Visuals like this await you

Also, there was a disturbing rhyme, parts of which stayed with me after I heard it. Here it is:

“Old Man Stauf built a house, and filled it with his toys
Six guests were invited one night, their screams the only noise
Blood inside the library, blood right up the hall
Dripping down the attic stairs — hey guests, try not to fall
Nobody came out that night, not one was ever seen
But Old Man Stauf is waiting there — crazy, sick, AND MEAN!

Creepy environment, creepy plot, creepy everything. It was way too much creepy for me then, and if I dwell on it for very long, it can still freak me out. Here’s someone’s play-through of the entire game if you feel like watching the intro or seeing what it was like. If you want to play it yourself, it’s on Steam. You might laugh, but this was absolutely nightmarish in 1993.

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