Going On Our Honeymoon

The first official day of our honeymoon was a travel day. We spent the night after our wedding in a nice hotel, and we needed to get up very early to make our 7 AM flight to California. We hurried to get ready that morning but we were running late. At the airport we parked the car in long term parking and boarded a shuttle to the terminals. We were cutting it close, but it looked like we’d make it! We breathed sighs of relief for a moment, until W realized he’d left his wallet in the glove compartment of the car.

The last look you want to see on your husband’s face while traveling

The shuttle still needed to make all its stops at each terminal before heading back to the parking lot, so we panicked and got off at a random stop. I’m not sure what we thought that would accomplish, but we ended up getting on the next passing shuttle. Since we were the only passengers, we begged the driver to please just skip stops and take us back to the parking lot. He was kind enough to say no problem, and we were on our way. We told him we were on our honeymoon, and he proceeded to spend the rest of the drive telling us all about his three marriages and how to stay friends with your exes after getting divorced. Nothing like a little divorce advice within 24 hours of walking down the aisle! Thank you, sir!

By the time we’d obtained the wallet and made it all the way back to our airline counter in the terminal to check our bags, it was too late. Our plane would leave in 10 minutes, which is considered missing your flight. We were mortified, and I started to cry. We definitely couldn’t afford paying for new flights, and it dawned on me that we would be spending our honeymoon in the room we rented to live in for the first few months of our marriage in Hamilton, NJ. In a house where we’d share a relatively thin wall with close friends.

How awkward we felt about this prospect

Thankfully, the wonderful lady at the airline counter told us she took care of getting us seats on a later flight for free. We thanked her a hundred times, and I was still shaking when we entered the security line. I even nervously dropped our boarding passes and other papers everywhere, and I had to awkwardly crawl under the conveyor belt towards confused TSA people to gather it all. My nerves are shot, but I’m not suspicious, I swear!

Excuse me, pardon me, nothing to see here…

The rest of our travel day was smooth sailing. On the plane, we were seated next to a friendly woman who had been a flight attendant for many years and was on vacation. When she found out we were on our honeymoon, she disappeared into the first class curtain and came back with miniature bottles of champagne for us and a note saying compliments of the captain! Apparently she knew the crew on our plane and hooked us up. Thanks, airplane lady!


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