Cabbage Night

What do you call the night before Halloween? This is one of those questions that rarely comes up, but when it does, it can be something of a controversy. Everyone I knew growing up called it Cabbage Night. I had no idea it could even be called anything else until my freshman year of college. […]

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The Scariest Game

In the 90s, my siblings and I used to gather around and watch my mother play computer games. She liked adventure games, especially scary ones like Alone in the Dark and The 7th Guest. I only remember a little bit of Alone in the Dark because I think she stopped playing or at least stopped […]

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Spiders Spiders Everywhere

I have way more altercations with spiders than other people. You don’t believe me? Just you wait and see, nonbeliever. Also, there are no spider visual aids in this story. Because I’ve seen enough of them for a lifetime, and likely so have you. Over the course of my life, I have had more spiders […]

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My Experience With Skincare

I don’t know if my parents or siblings had favorite face products while I was growing up, but if they did, none of it made an impression on me. I was lucky enough to not have almost any acne as a teen (that came around in adulthood later), so that was a cross I didn’t […]

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Last year I signed up to try a beginner yoga program for four weeks. I am quite possibly the least zen person you know. The idea of yoga sounded like my own personal hell, what with all the deep breathing, silly-sounding pose names, and designated clearing of your mind time. It’s the exact scenario where […]

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Sick Days

When I or one of my siblings got sick, our parents would wheel a wooden cart to the bedside of the ailing kid. On the cart was a tiny ten inch tv and a stack of VHS tapes. I watched The Little Mermaid or Peter Pan over and over while I drank red Gatorade through […]

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Stuff People Have Thrown At Me

I worked at a chain restaurant during one of my summers in college. I can neither confirm nor deny that the name of this restaurant rhymes with Schmapplebee’s. It was by no means the worst job I’ve ever had, but it also wasn’t the best. I wasn’t very assertive then, which I’m convinced you need […]

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