Engagement, Part One

W and I met in August 2009. He tells people he knew he loved me the day he met me, because he’s romantic and mushy. I felt something right away, but I was far too much of a basket case to know what for awhile. By January 2010 (five months later), we knew we wanted to follow each other around for life. I’ll write another time about when we were dating. It was all very dramatic. For now I’m sticking to our engagement.

After we graduated from college in May, we were excited to get the marriage wagon rolling. We went to a fancy jewelry store to find out what my ring size was (because let’s be real, there was no way I would know that), and my finger got stuck inside the ring sizer. The lady who worked there had to Windex my hand to get it out. (You can’t take me anywhere, this is why we can’t have nice things, etc., etc.) Spoiler alert: I managed to come back to life after suddenly and tragically dying of complete humiliation in the jewelry store.

W secretly taught himself how to bake an apple pie from scratch, and on August 22 he surprised me with a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring while we ate delicious pie in a field near our college. The same field where we sat on the bleachers and talked all night long soon after we met. Clearly, it was all so perfect that it must be a joke, and a small part of me waited for someone to jump out and say psych! This is all in your head, and nobody will ever love you! But nobody jumped out, and he does love me. Sometimes instead of too good to be true, something can really just be good.

Pie AND Ring

Stay tuned for Engagement, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo, where I talk about planning a wedding in three weeks, how it’s the best and worst idea ever, how you should never try, and how you should definitely do it. Do what’s right for you! Follow your heart! Take your time, and plan the ultimate wedding for ten years if you want! Elope and be married by an Elvis in Las Vegas overnight if you want! Elope and MARRY an Elvis in Las Vegas!

Just look at him go!

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