Beauty Mistakes

Over the years (especially the last few), I’ve dabbled with different beauty products and DIY self care things that I never experimented with before. I have had victories, and I have made mistakes. Terrible, terrible mistakes. Here are three very serious Do Nots. Do not try to dye your hair red with paprika. I don’t […]

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Cough Cough Cough

This space will be quiet for the next few days while I’m under the weather, but never fear! I’ll be back soon. Until then, W says to read one of his favorite stories if you haven’t already: Don’t Toilet Train Your Cats – A Cautionary Tale.

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Tut-Tut, It Looks Like Rain

Several months after getting married, we moved into our very first apartment. It was a one bedroom apartment with a huge walk-in closet that was so massive, we joked it could be a second bedroom. During several powerful hurricanes (one of which was Sandy) we set up a shelter for ourselves and the cats inside […]

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The Books on the Top Shelf

Every morning when I got my books out of the closet to start school, I would glance at the top shelf. My mother kept the teacher counterpart books with the answers on the top shelf. During my high school years, she would spent much of the day in the basement with the door shut. And […]

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Sunflowers and Mushrooms

A few nights ago, W and I ventured out in a thunderstorm to the drugstore to pick up a few things. Our umbrella didn’t do much against the torrential downpour to keep us dry, and our feet were perpetually underwater the whole walk. I loved it. I’m at my happiest when it’s dark and gloomy. […]

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