My mother had several oversized jars full of things like seashells and potpourri placed here and there around the house. I think she found them at garage sales over the years. My favorite was a jar of buttons of all shapes and sizes. I would pour them all out on the dining room table and happily examine them one at a time. Bright red plastic buttons, silver buttons with two holes, marble buttons, wooden buttons, buttons that looked like tiny pearls. Some were chipped, some still had a bit of thread from a previous home through their holes. You could say they were…fasten-ating (You’re welcome). I gave them personalities and families and imagined their adventures and life stories. Some of the smallest buttons served as hats for bigger ones too. There were so many buttons in the jar, that it seemed I would find new ones every time I went through it that I had somehow missed before. I had to put them all back whenever I was done because they weren’t mine…but sometimes I would pick a favorite button and hide it in my room.

Button button who’s got the button? Certainly not Anna in her room…

Recently W and I were at one of our favorite thrift stores and discovered that they sell bags of miscellaneous old buttons for fifty cents. I bought three and had the best time sifting through them. I started my own jar.

It’s the little things in life.

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