Five Favorite Sounds

My last story was a heavy one, so I thought I’d go with a light topic today! Sometimes I like thinking of things that do nothing other than make me happy. For example, these are my five favorite sounds. They always bring my mood up when I encounter them, and I associate them with some of my happiest memories and favorite places. I was going to list W’s voice as my #1 (go ahead, roll your eyes), but I don’t have a recording to share! So all he gets is an honorable mention.

1. Sound quality of movie and radio from Hollywood’s Golden Age

2. Fireplace crackling

3. Orchestra tuning/warm-up

4. Stepping on crunchy leaves

5. Announcements and ambient noise at airports

Other sounds I love: walking on crunchy snow, thunderstorms, magnetized makeup clasps or lids, brown paper bags opening and closing, cats purring

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