Donut Fiesta

Early in our marriage we made up something called Donut Fiesta. When one of us was having a stressful day, we would get three donuts each. I know! I know. But it happened. I used to get chocolate frosted + sprinkles, chocolate glazed, and one plain. Donut Fiesta! It all started to go even further off rails when the donut guy saw my husband so often that he started insisting on giving us extra donuts for free. Like he’d regularly round our six donuts up to twelve. Fast forward through a couple years of many stressful days while working two or three jobs sometimes. Turns out that over time Donut Fiesta does negative things to your body and overall wellbeing. We shouldn’t need people to tell us this. I shouldn’t need to tell you this. But here I am. Heed my words: junk food binging traditions as a “thing” do more harm than good. I’m aware that Fresh Vegetable Fiesta sounds a lot less comforting and fun. All I’m saying is, be kind to your body and yourself. My name is Anna, and it has been over three years since my last Donut Fiesta.

#donutfiesta #enablerdonutmanwasnotourfriend

The inside of my body for awhile

(Recently tried my first gluten free donut. It was more of a Donut Funeral than a Fiesta.)

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