Five Things I Miss From Our Second Home

W and I have had three homes in our life together so far. First, we lived in a one bedroom apartment for two and a half years. Second, we lived in a studio apartment for three and a half years. Third, we moved into a two bedroom apartment almost two years ago.

There have been pros and cons to every place we’ve been, but lately I’ve been thinking about Location #2. Here are five things I miss from our second home.

1. The studio apartment

Living in a studio apartment taught us a lot about what we really value in terms of a home environment for the long term. It forced us to take a long look at what we had, because for sheer lack of square footage, any new object that entered our apartment needed to be worth it to for us to give up significant storage space and emotional effort. We brought very little from our first home since none of the furniture would fit up the stairs, and our original bed would have taken up the whole apartment. After trying out a few sleeping situations, we ended up just sleeping comfortably on the carpet. You get used to it after a couple weeks and sleep as well as ever! Part of me misses laying out all our blankets every night to sleep on the floor with W and fold it all back up in the morning. Even though we are thrilled with our current home, that time will always be special. I honestly don’t think I would appreciate this place as much without our studio experience.


2. The trumpet player

A resident somewhere in our apartment complex would often practice the trumpet with their windows open. If our windows were open too on a quiet night, we could hear gorgeous renditions of songs like “La Vie En Rose.” Whoever was playing was a very talented musician and seemed to especially love that particular song (as do I). These free concerts were perfectly lovely and made me feel like I was living in an idealized old-fashioned world of charm and romance. Audrey Hepburn would pop in with her pet deer any minute now for a glass of wine.

3. The chipotle mayo

Our favorite local restaurant/bar within walking distance had amazing french fries that they served with a chipotle mayo. I could never do this mayo justice in words; it is beyond description. When I die, please bury me with a to-go box of those fries and that chipotle mayo. I don’t know how long the escalator or people-mover to heaven takes, and I want a snack for the road. Seems like a nice thing to eat on my way up.

For example

4. The track

There were several schools only a few blocks from our building, and one of them had a pristine outdoor track and field. I liked to run on that track a few evenings a week. I much prefer running on a track to running through neighborhoods because there are less variables for my anxiety to run wild (see what I did there?) with, and the distance is easier for me to keep track of (see what I did there?). Other people were rarely around, and W would read up in the stands while I ran laps. I tried to come up with a third track pun and failed. Actually, I didn’t fail…I’m just giving you the runaround.

I’m sorry…

5. The chapel

There is a beautiful Ivy League university campus less than a mile away from our studio apartment. We walked through it all the time, and one of my favorite chapel buildings in the world is there. I used to love just sitting in one of the pews and looking all around at the stained glass and architecture. I miss being able to go whenever I felt like it!

Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ve also written the five things I do NOT miss for another story time. I know you’re all on the edge of your seats!

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