Tales From A Lyft

Last year, I wrote a post called "Tales From The Bus" to share some of my old bus commuter experiences. Who doesn't love the chicken hat man? Now that we live much closer to a major city, I ride trolleys and trains far more often than buses. For the places those don't reach, I use [...]

What Is Cream of Tartar, Can Someone Tell Me

If you know me, you know that historically, I rarely cook. I have set three oven mitts on fire. Not all at once. Three across my lifetime. But still. Meanwhile, my beloved husband is one of those people who can taste something, think for a moment, and tell you exactly what's in it and what it's [...]

Stop The Ride. I Want To Get Off.

"When someone gets on the roller coaster to big emotions, you can choose to stay on the platform and wait for them to get back." "Just because you have a clown in your life doesn't mean you have to buy a ticket to the circus." I heard both of these ideas in different places, but [...]

I Got My Millennial Membership Card

Walter and I tried avocado toast last month, and there was no turning back. Basic, cliche, predictable...call us whatever you like. A little olive oil, red pepper flakes, chunky sea salt, pepper, and lemon, and I call it delicious. It's been our breakfast every day, or at least as often as we can find good [...]


I'm lying flat on my back on the living room floor. My arms out to the sides, I can feel the scratchy texture of the carpet. Adriene from the "Yoga With Adriene" videos I follow on YouTube is speaking to me from the TV, telling me to hug my shoulder blades together underneath me. Most [...]

Bumble Boogie

I've mentioned before that I played piano in recitals growing up, and now that I have my own piano, it's been fun to see what I remember. My favorite recital piece was "Bumble Boogie," an adaptation by Jack Fina of "Flight of the Bumblebee." I still remember most of it, but I bought the sheet [...]

What I Loved In January

I loved writing about my 2018 favorites at the end of the year, and I realized today that there's no reason the fun should end there. Here lies my first monthly favorites list. I'm not saying I'm a beauty guru, but I'm definitely saying that I'm beauty guru adjacent. To the list, Robin! Beauty & Self-Care [...]